HydroStar – The Turbine Counter-Current System

Schematische Darstellung von HydroStar in Pool

Get the most our of your pool…

With HydroStar you experience a special swimming sensation! Transform your pool into an attractive fitness, spa or fun swimming pool. No matter what size or type of tank you prefer, the HydroStar turbines system is designed for every pool!

Endless swimming without turning – Thanks the counter flow of HydroStar!

HydroStar creates a wide flow which is pleasantly soft and carries the body without any point loads on the chest or shoulder. This is achieved by our patented turbine technology. An energy-efficient, quiet and low-vibration electric motor generates the countercurrent with the aid of a propeller. You can fully concentrate on swimming.

  • Wide, pleasantly soft water flow
  • No point loads on the head, chest or shoulder
  • Energy-efficient, quiet operation

Our performance classes

HydroStar is available in four different power ratings. Our smallest system produces a countercurrent of 160 cubic meters per hour. For normal swimmers this counter current system is usually very good. Our top model produces 550 cubic meters per hour. This quantity of water generate already sufficient flow for top athletes.

We reach the four power levels through two different turbines. The smaller one produces maximally a volume flow of 160 cubic meters per hour, the larger turbine a volume flow of up to 275 cubic meters per hour. If you decide for a HydroStar system with two turbines, you have a maximum volumetric flow of 320 cubic meters per hour (with two small turbines) or 550 cubic meters per hour if you decide for two large turbines.

NameAmount of Water per Hour (m3/h)Velocity of Stream (m/s)Amount of Turbines
BGA16050 - 160 m31.0 - 3.1 m/s1 BGA160
BGA27580 - 275 m31.0 - 3.1 m/s1 BGA275
BGA320100 - 320 m31.0 - 3.1 m/s2 BGA160
BGA550160 - 550 m31.0 - 3.1 m/s2 BGA275

Gallery of the swimming pool dreaming with HydroStar

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Test Swimming of HydroStar turbine

To be convinced of our superior countercurrent system, we recommend you to swim against HydroStar.
Contact a pool builder close to you (our partners are shown in the map) to arrange a schwimming against HydroStar, or come to us to Hameln.

On the map, you will find swimming pool retailers who offer you the opportunity to experience HydroStar at your own pace. Swimming pool vendors marked with the pool symbol on the map have installed a HydroStar system for testing. If you do not have a dealer authorized by you, please contact the sales manager of your region (you can see it on the round photo). He will organize a swimming with a local swimming pool dealer.


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