MecaTec – DC-Motors for Pool Cover

Under the brand MecaTec, we are developing drive systems for many different applications. For a number of years, we have been focusing particularly on drives for pool cover systems. In this area, we have become the leading manufacturer of high-quality drive systems in recent years. Our in-roller motors as well as our shaft drives are only made of high-quality stainless steel and meet the IP68 standard which is important in the swimming pool sector. We supply our DC motors (in-roller motors as well as shaft drives) to all well-known manufacturers of pool covers.

Under Water DC-Motors

Under Water Drive MecaTecOur in-roller engines for the use in water are filled with nitrogen and sealed against the penetration of water. They comply with the standard IP68. Mounted in the winding shaft the construction takes up little extra space. The entire cover system, consisting of motor, winding shaft and slats, can be realized very nicely with our DC-drives. This means, the whole technique of the pool cover system is build in a roller shutter shaft under the water level. Therefore, the whole pool cover system is elegantly hidden.

We offer the following models:

NameTorque (Nm)Speed (min-1)Diameter (mm)Power (Watt)


DC-Motors for Installation above the Water Level

Überwassermotor MecaTecWe also offer in-roller motors to wind the cover slats above the water level. Our motor that winds and unwinds the cover is located inside the spindle. The whole technique will be placed besite the pool. We offer two versions with different maximum torques. If you are unsure about which model you should choose, we recommend you to access the more powerful model.

We offer the following models:

NameTorque (Nm)Speed (min-1)Diameter (mm)Power (Watt)


DC-Shaft Motors

Shaft motorLike our underwater in-roller motors, our shaft motors are also filled with nitrogen and sealed against water (IP67). This makes it possible to use this drives in humid or even water-filled shafts. You can also use our shaft motors where block motors fail the competition. Broken block motors (from other manufactors) that are destroyed by water damage can simply be replaced by our shaft motors. You can find out more about the assembly of our shaft motors from the assembly drawing.

We offer the following two models:

NameTorque (Nm)Speed (min-1)Diameter (mm)Power (Watt)

Individual Solutions for Every Customer

Would you like to have your own drive, which is tailor-made for you? No problem for us. We have many years of experience and a well-equipped design. Our modern measuring and production tools allow us to develop a tailor-made drive for you. With our modular DC motors, we develop efficient and affordable drives in small and large series. We will respond to all your needs individually.

We offer:

  • DC motors from 250 to 1000 Nm
  • Customer-specific drive solutions from development, to prototyping to the zero series and series
  • High flexibility in production enables economical production from small to medium series
  • Project planning and performance optimization by means of computer-assisted simulations
  • Assembly and customer-specific cable assembly


One Control for all Types of Motors

Control system MecaTecIn addition to the DC motors, we also offer a control system which can be individually configured on customer request. Even if you use different types of motors, the operation and programming of the control always works in the same way. If you use drives from BINDER you do not have to deal with different controls systems.

We offer:

  • Idle running load  – just 2W (Standby)
  • Very accurate positioning
  • Different customer-specific modes
  • Output of the drive errors via the display
  • Very high reliability
  • Very good value for money



We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.